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Metodologías: Proyectos

It doesn't matter if you need to know how many people remember your brand or design a new product.  We have the methods and tools to meet effectively and with high standards each of your needs for information and advice about your current or potential clients.

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Through  our multiplatform survey we can carry out different types of quantitative collection methods.

Whether on the street, with specialized panels, or in our Call center, we have the tools and experience to carry out studies with different profiles and formats.  Our supervisors are your eyes, trained to be obsessively careful with the data we collect.

  • CAPI (option to record 100% of the interviews)

  • CAWI

  • CATI (Progressive marking and recording systems)

  • PAPI

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Clients frequently turn to Delta Research with a need to understand emotions, sensations and non-rational reasons for consumer thinking.  To do this, our area of qualitative experts use various techniques to unmask the consumer  

  • Traditional Group Sessions

  • Depth interviews

  • Online Communities

  • Online Sessions

  • anthropological studies

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