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Studies of uses, habits and segmentation
SAP S_4HANA Finance for Retail _ S_4HANA
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Our Segmentation combines advanced software and innovative techniques to create diverse and accurate segments. We analyze psychographic, attitudinal and sociodemographic variables to profile your best clients.

We identify the ideal segments and the key emotional variables to improve your communication. With our "Golden Questions," easily determine your customer segment without the need to conduct new studies.

Online Solutions:
Online surveys with recruitment of interviewees through Social Networks and the Internet. Includes recruitment, invitation and incentives.

Behavioral + Specialized Panels:
Get precise and agile insights! Combine behavioral analysis with specialized panels to dynamically adapt to market demands.

E-Purchase Data:
Optimize your business! With online shopping data, better understand your customers, improve the shopping experience and increase your sales.
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To obtain precise insights and improve your market strategy

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