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Delta Branding & Communications
Brand Research helps understand and improve the perception of your brand. We analyze how consumers see you, we study your audience, we monitor your online reputation, and we evaluate your positioning in the market.

Interaction: Transform your design with our algorithm that finds the simplest shapes, ensuring your visual space is vibrant and inviting. Avoid empty spaces and encourage intuitive interaction.

Boost your visual clarity: Our tool simulates human perception to identify prominent shapes. Help make designs simpler so your message gets noticed. Plus, it shows you how things are organized in detail.

Attention: We simulate millions of human observations to highlight the most attractive elements in your visual or audiovisual communication, offering a predictive analysis of what will attract the most attention.

Comprehension: Experience certainty by understanding how your content is perceived by 100 artificial people. Our tool points you to the crucial visual elements. Perfect for graphics where precision is vital.

Memorability: Our program mimics how we remember things by seeing them and evaluates how easy it is to remember them. It's useful to see which parts of an image are easiest to remember.

Understanding: Our tool replicates how we remember texts, such as news headlines, flyers and banners. It predicts the most attractive messages and the most captivating words, both in style and writing.

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) allows you to identify and analyze digital content efficiently. Optimize your online experience and make informed decisions with ease.
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